Upper School Packet Updates

In response to helpful feedback provided by both teachers and families, the Upper School has updated procedures regarding Google Classroom integration, effective for Week 6 (May 4-7). Moving forward, Remote Learning Packets will become available online each Saturday at 12:00 p.m. These changes, outlined below, will accompany the Monday-Thursday assignment schedule as well as recorded video instruction from faculty. Videos will be available for the week at 6:00 a.m. on Mondays within Google Classroom.

Beginning on May 4, faculty will provide Remote Learning Packets as whole PDF documents. With limited exceptions, work will not be separated into multiple assignments within Google Classroom. To return packets, students will attach a single PDF document to Google Classroom (see here for a tutorial on digitally submitting packets).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: In simple language, what are all the changes we should expect to see?
A: 1) Packets become available via Google Classroom at 12:00 p.m. each Saturday, 2) Packets are accessed and returned as “whole” documents rather than broken out into separate assignments, 3) recorded instruction from teachers will be available Mondays at 6:00 a.m. in Google Classroom, 4) work will no longer be assigned on Fridays.

Q: When will these changes be made?
A: These changes apply to work for the rest of the academic year, beginning with Week 6 (May 4-7).

Q: Do families upload completed packets all at once?
A: Yes, please upload the completed packet, and do not email assignments to teachers.

Q: How do I upload a packet?
A: Please reference this brief video for guidance on how to digitally submit Remote Learning Packets.

Q: What guidelines should we follow when returning packets?
A: Encourage your child to write in a dark pencil or pen. To help teachers grade and return work in a timely manner, please submit the assignments in order with pages oriented correctly. Please do not submit every page of the packet; only pages that feature student work need to be included. Do not include pictures of notes or annotations.

Q: Can students complete work in Google Classroom without having to scan and upload?
A: Daily work will no longer have the option of being completed directly in Google Classroom, though faculty will still assign assessments that must be completed within Google Classroom. These select assessments will be noted in the daily lesson plans contained in the week’s packet.

Q: Are printed packets still available for pick up and drop off? 
While the Upper School encourages shifting to digital means, the option remains available to pick up and drop off printed Remote Learning Packets. Please pick up packets from campus on Mondays between 8:00-8:00 p.m. To return packets in hard copy, please park and enter the building. Packets must be delivered to the Front Desk between 8:00-2:00 p.m. Monday-Friday. Please do not use the mailbox.

Q: Will hard copy assessments be available? 
Some packets will provide assessments in hard copy, and others will host them in Google Classroom only.

Q: How can I access the teacher’s recorded videos?
A: Teachers will post their brief video lessons on Google Classroom Mondays at 6:00 a.m. Students must log in to Google Classroom to view the videos. The lessons that accompany videos will be noted in the daily lesson plans contained in the week’s packet.

Q: Are recorded videos optional? 
No; they are required at this point.

Q: Will optional Office Hours remain available in light of the recent changes?
A: Yes! Teachers will continue to offer optional Office Hours on Fridays. We encourage all students to attend and bring their questions.