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Welcome to Great Hearts Irving, Serving Grades K-11

Dear Great Hearts Families,

To all who have enrolled their children into our school— we are deeply moved by the honor, and are strengthened in courage and joy by the confidence and support of our parents. To those unfamiliar with our school, we look forward to helping you explore the opportunities that lie ahead.

Great Hearts is driven by a desire to instill mankind’s noblest and most dignified ideals into the hearts of the students in our charge. This formation of young minds and hearts depends upon the unity and zeal of the whole of this community— no one portion of society can claim sole responsibility in this awesome mandate. Only by working together will we help students to form and master the habits that will set them upon the road to greatness. For, as Aristotle observed long ago, it is only by the continual practice of habits that one attains to excellence; “one swallow does not a summer make.”

For this reason, we enjoy the profound privilege of leading such a noble, loving, and joy-filled community as ours. We look forward to the year ahead, and to the bonds that our work will forge among us all.


Marcy Finn
Interim Headmaster, Lower School

Philip G. Althage
Headmaster, Upper School