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Welcome to Great Hearts Irving

Dear Families and Friends,

For the many students, families, and staff who have called Great Hearts Irving home, we find within our community a cultural haven, nurtured by our collective dedication to virtue and wisdom. Our zeal for the classical tradition, our commitment to the cultivation of valor and honor in our students— these ideals define the shared purpose fulfilled by the extraordinary partnership between all members of our community. Before so noble and sound a goal as ours, how affirming it is that such a diverse collection of families and faculty should unite as one!

This unity in diversity is embodied in Great Hearts Irving— Two schools, we share one vision, and one community of families. The Roman orator Cicero spoke to such a situation when he said of friendship: unus fiat ex pluribus—many are made into one. These sage words Cicero borrowed from Pythagoras of Samos, which expressed in turn the very sentiment of our nation’s own motto: e pluribus unum.

As proud Lone Star scholars, we also appreciate that our state’s own name comes from the Caddo word for “friends”— the friendship and unity that characterize Great Hearts Irving will serve us well as we prepare for an exciting future: in 2019-20, our Upper School moves into a new building, and the current space is remade to serve our Lower School exclusively.

With this bright future in view, and in the spirit of the unity engendered of our friendship, we welcome our community to draw together around the perennial ideals of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. It is our honor and joy to lead such a singular group of scholars and supporters at Great Hearts Irving.


Tami Perkins— Lower School Headmaster
Philip Althage— Upper School Headmaster