Great Hearts Irving is proud to partner with SLA Management for our Breakfast and Lunch program.


Breakfast  |  $2.00 (milk included)
Lunch  |  $4.00 (milk included)
Milk  |  Milk is also available to all students a la carte for $0.75.


While we do our very best to serve every student what has been published on the menu, we cannot guarantee that the planned items will always be available. Click below to access and print current breakfast and lunch menus for both campuses.

Lower School MenuS

Upper School MenuS

You can also find the menus by typing into your web browser.

Dietary Restrictions

We understand that many students may have dietary restrictions for reasons of health or conscience. Full ingredient information is listed on the breakfast and lunch menus available at While we cannot guarantee that the items listed are what will be available to serve, SLA Management does their very best to serve students what was published on the menu. Families who have specific dietary needs are responsible for consulting the menu each day and helping their children understand whether or not they should get lunch that day.

Lunch Accounts and Balances

If your child will be purchasing a breakfast or lunch, it is important to make sure that your child’s lunch account maintains a positive balance so that there is no disruption to his/her meal service. See our Negative Balance Policy for more details. You may add funds to your child’s account by setting up an account with and paying online or via the LinqConnect app for Apple or Android. To register, you will need your child’s Student ID. To request your child’s ID, please email for the Lower School or for the Upper School. or the LINQConnect app will allow you to review purchases and balances as well and even move funds between siblings’ accounts. You may also send cash or check to the front desk.

Setting UP your LinqConnect Account

LinqConnect FAQs

Snacks in the Lower School

At Great Hearts Irving Lower School, every grade level has a set time for a once-daily snack. Snack time for each grade level is different and depends upon that grade level’s specific schedule. The school asks that you please send a healthy and beneficial snack for your child such as nuts, cheese, crackers, or fruit. When students eat sweets during the day, it disrupts their ability to focus in class. Students who bring items such as candy, cookies, and other sugary desserts will be asked to put those items away for later.

For more specific questions about snacks in your child’s classroom, reach out to your child’s teacher or our Dean of Culture Mary Pantin.

Financial Assistance for Meals

Great Hearts is pleased to offer financial assistance for meals to those families who qualify. Please visit for details on how to apply.

Free Summer Meals

Many families may be able to get meals over the summer at no cost. For more information visit or

Meal Program Policy and Compliance Documents

Great Hearts Negative Balance Policy

USDA Non-Discrimination Statement

Great Hearts Texas Wellness Policy

Civil Rights Complaint Procedures (Spanish)

Civil Rights Complaint Form (Spanish)

Great Hearts Texas Meal Program Information

For questions or concerns about the meal program at the Lower School, please reach out to our Director of Campus Operations at For Upper School, contact