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Why We Teach Chess

First and foremost, we teach Chess because it is a beautiful game and worthy to be played. Beyond the intrinsic nobility of the game, Chess gives our scholars practice in foresight and logic. More importantly, Chess gives scholars a chance to practice civility and sportsmanship in both defeat and victory.

How We Teach Chess

The first way we teach Chess is to encourage families to play together often. The second way happens in school. Great Hearts Irving Lower School is privileged to have a dedicated Chess Room which each class visits once a week to learn and play. A standard Chess lesson starts with solving a Chess puzzle to let scholars practice their tactical and logical thinking. We then have a short lesson practicing one aspect of the royal game of Chess. In younger grades, we focus on learning the rules of Chess. As students grow older, we move toward more strategic and tactical concepts. In the last portion of each Chess class, scholars turn to each other, shake hands while wishing their opponent good luck, and play.

The Virtues of Competitive Chess

There is only so much that can be taught in class, and there is only so much a child can learn playing with their family. Ultimately, someone who loves Chess and wishes to master the finer points of the game needs to test their skills in real competition. Such competition hones civility and sportsmanship while building perseverance and courage.

Chess Club

To supplement the Chess instruction we provide all our scholars, and to provide those students who develop a particular love for Chess with a convenient opportunity to sharpen their skills in competition, we are delighted to offer a Chess Club for our 4th and 5th Grade students throughout the year. For details on the upcoming session of Chess Club and how to register, visit greatheartsirving.org/lowerschoolclubs.

Regular Chess Events

Texas Chess Center

Every Friday at 6:30pm, Texas Chess Center hosts their Friday Swiss tournament in Carrollton.

Every Saturday at 1pm, Texas Chess Center hosts their Texas Swiss tournament in Irving.

Every Saturday at 1pm, Texas Chess Center hosts a Texas Swiss tournament in Plano as well.

Every Sunday at 2pm, Texas Chess Center hosts a Sunday Swiss tournament in Carrollton.

Texas Chess Center Tournaments

U.S. Chess

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