Great Hearts is committed to an individualized approach to college counseling that focuses on finding the right fit for each student. The emphasis of the program is on helping students discover who they are as learners and emerging adults. Throughout their years at Great Hearts Irving, our students learn to be comfortable in the worlds of both ideas and practicality, understanding the relationship between the two. This serves our students particularly well when selecting a college experience.

College Counseling Events – Details in The Week Ahead

October 6 | Financial Aid Night with a Trinity University Financial Aid Officer (7:00-8:00pm)

October 26 | Lunch with the College Counselor – Financial Aid (11:30am-Noon)

November 9 | Lunch with the College Counselor – Scholarships (11:30am-Noon)

December 14 | Lunch with the College Counselor – Summer Programs (11:30am-Noon)

January 11 | Lunch with the College Counselor – Testing (11:30am-Noon)

February 22 | Lunch with the College Counselor – College Visits (11:30am-Noon)

March 8 | Lunch with the College Counselor – Careers (11:30am-Noon)

April 26 | Lunch with the College Counselor – Assessments (11:30am-Noon)

May 10 | Lunch with the College Counselor – Student-Athletes (11:30am-Noon)

Transcript Requests

Depending on the use, there are two ways to request a transcript. GHI will process the request as soon as possible, but please allow a minimum of five business days for unofficial transcripts and ten business days for official transcripts. It is important to note that student records, including the academic transcript, are protected by the FERPA. If 18 or older, only the student may request a copy of his or her transcript. Family and friends are not permitted access to student records without the written consent of the student. Parents and students may request multiple transcripts from the same form.

Official Transcripts
Use: College and scholarship applications, summer enrichment programs, military purposes
Process: Students must submit a request to the College Counselor via Naviance and complete the form below; failure to complete both steps will result in a void request. The official transcript will be directly sent to the university.

Official and Unofficial Transcripts
Use: Withdrawal or transfer from Great Hearts Irving, seventh-grade students taking courses for High School credit, personal records, drivers license or related issue
Process: Students must submit a request to the Registrar by completing the form below. The official or unofficial transcript must be picked up in person or forwarded to the institution.

Request a transcript

Senior Application Timeline by Month

1. Students should have taken at least one SAT and/or ACT. Send test scores on College Board and ACT to colleges.
2. Schedule a meeting with the College Counselor to discuss their list of schools.
3. Create an account with the Common Application and Apply Texas.

1. Register for any SAT Subject Tests (confirm if any are required). Test dates vary by subject. Students can register for up to three Subject Tests on a single test date.
2. View and sign up for college visits on Naviance.
3. Complete Counselor Letter of Recommendation Survey and Teacher Letter of Recommendation Survey on Naviance. Students should identify at least three teachers they would like to ask to write letters of recommendation on their behalf. Students are assigned teachers to write the first letter of recommendation. For any additional letters of recommendation that are needed, please contact the College Counselor to complete a request. Students must give teachers at least four weeks’ notice for letters of recommendation.

Helpful Links

RepVisits | Naviance Login | Juniors | Seniors | College Bound Tips
College Resources | Financial Aid & Scholarships | Summer Programs

A College Planning Tool for GHI Families

Naviance is our state-of-the-art college counseling portal that allows students to search for colleges, keep a college list, sign up for college information sessions, build a resume, research careers, study for the SAT and ACT, and much more. All high school students have an account on Naviance. Please contact Mrs. Priscilla O’Neill for assistance with your username or password.


College Resources

Helpful links for SAT/ACT registration, interesting articles, etc.

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Useful resources for determining financial aid options and scholarship opportunities.

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Contact College Counseling

Please feel welcome to reach out to the GHI College Counselor, Ms. Priscilla O’Neill, at