Cricket Classic

We are thrilled to announce our fourth annual Cricket Classic! Each year our cricket-loving parents go up against our valiant teachers in a friendly contest of speed, agility, and skill! At sake? Glory and recognition on our new plaque commemorating each year’s victors.

Join us Saturday, November 12th from 8am to 12pm at Cimarron Park in Irving. We’ll play two matches. The first will be a friendly warm up game between teams of combined parents and teachers. The second will be the official faculty vs. parents match. All are invited to attend as spectators. Bring a camp chair and enjoy some community, some delicious snacks, and sporting competition!

Interested in Joining the Parent Team?

Our faculty has put together an enthusiastic team and we are now looking for dedicated players to join the parent team captained by your very own Mr. Chauhan. Whether you’ve played cricket all your life, or you’re brand new to the sport, there is room for you! If you would be interested in participating in a wonderful community event and matching your cricketing skills  against our teachers, please reach out to Coach Chauhan at

Tea and Treats

Traditionally, cricket features regular breaks (called intervals), including one for tea. Each year, we enjoy hot beverages and delicious treats brought by our parents and teachers, which makes the Cricket Classic feel all the more festive. All are encouraged to bring something scrumptious to share and to partake as well!

Cricket Practice for Kids

We have a new feature this year! In addition to tea, during the interval between matches our cricket players will treat the children in attendance to some cricket practice so they too can begin appreciating this important pastime.


Our 2022 Cricket Classic has been generously sponsored by our friends at Synthetic Greenscapes. Synthetic Greenscapes has worked with Great Hearts Irving on several projects over the years. We are honored to call them one of our Community Partners and grateful for their sponsorship of this wonderful community event.