Our Culture Weeks are an opportunity for our whole school to come together around the foundational habits that we all share, and that make Great Hearts Irving unique—the cardinal virtues. The goal of our Culture Weeks is for our students and faculty to join together once a quarter with their House members across all grade levels, and wonder together about one of the cardinal virtues and how we can strive to exemplify that virtue in our lives at school and beyond.

Each Culture Week begins with all students and faculty reading a short text together and taking in a common, short lesson. On Thursday, each House gathers to discuss what was learned from the text. To celebrate our shared noble pursuit, on Friday, we end the week with games! The winner of these games enjoys the glory of seeing their House’s flag hung from the main stairwell, for all to see.

This year’s themes for our Culture Weeks are:

  • Quarter 1’s theme is Justice.
  • Quarter 2’s theme is Prudence.
  • Quarter 3’s theme is Fortitude.
  • Quarter 4’s theme is Temperance.