All Upper School students are invited to show off their Mustang Pride by participating in five days of festivities!

General Guidelines
Please dress reasonably & in good taste! We’re having fun, AND we’re still focused on learning in the classroom!

  • Follow normal uniform guidelines for jewelry, hair, and makeup.
  • No pen, ink, or drawings on the skin.
  • No pop culture, logos, or politics.
  • No hats or sunglasses.
  • Clothes should be in good repair with no holes in them.
  • Clothing should fit so that it is not form-fitting, oversized, or baggy.
  • Pants should be worn at the waist and should be no shorter than mid-thigh


Jocks vs. Nerds Day

All upperclassmen (juniors and seniors) are encouraged to dress in “jock” gear, including letterman jackets, jerseys, running shoes, and other kinds of sports apparel that coincide with the modesty standards of the school. While upperclassmen are allowed to wear sports clothing, they are discouraged from bringing sports equipment like baseball bats, rackets, and so forth.

All lowerclassmen (freshmen and sophomores) are encouraged to wear “nerd” attire, including large spectacles, pocket protectors, high-waisted pants, and more. Students should avoid bringing distracting accessories.


Country vs. Country Club Day

All students are encouraged to dress in either “country” or “country club” fashion. For country, western wear is acceptable, including cowboy boots, large belt buckles, cowboy hats (not to be worn inside the building), bolo ties, and more. For country club, students are encouraged to wear white polo shirts, sweaters around the neck or waist, tennis visors, and so forth. As with other dress days, students are discouraged from bringing distracting accessories with their outfits (golf clubs, tennis rackets, etc).


Twin Day

All students are welcome to wear an agreed upon outfit with their friends. Identical clothing could include shared hairstyle, gloves, shirts, etc.

PowderPUFF Girls’ Football Tournament

4:00-6:00pm on Beatrice Turf

Please pick up your child(ren) immediately after the event.


Luau Day (High School Option)

All high school students are welcome to wear luau-themed clothing, including flower leis, hawaiian shirts, sandals, grass skirts, and so forth. Students should not wear clothing that exposes bare skin on the chest or midriff, and skirts/pants must be of proper length and coverage.

Dress Like a Teacher Day (Middle School Option)

All middle school students can dress like one of their teachers from head-to-toe! In addition to mimicking the teacher’s style, ensure to abide by the faculty dress code! For ladies, this means blouses that cover the shoulder, slacks, or skirts/dresses that are no shorter than 2 inches above the knee. For gentlemen, this means a button-up shirt and slacks with tie/bowtie (and blazer optional). If dressing like a PE teacher, you must work out with our PE teachers during lunch as sweat is part of the uniform.

PowderBUFF Boys’ Volleyball Tournament

4:00-6:00pm in Gym

Please pick up your child(ren) immediately after the event.


Homecoming Shirts and Jeans

All students are welcome to wear their homecoming shirts and jeans. Only denim or corduroy pants are allowed. No leggings, jean shorts, jean skirts, jeans with tears or holes in them, or jeans that are too tight-fitting. If students choose not to wear jeans, they must wear uniform bottoms.

Locker Decoration Competition

All students are encouraged to decorate their lockers in honor of Homecoming Week. Locker decorations should flaunt the red and black of the Great Hearts Irving Mustangs. The best decorated lockers will be recognized at the end of the week! When decorating lockers, please avoid any/all materials and designs that deface the locker surface or convey inappropriate messages that are out of keeping with the week’s festivities or campus expectations. Permissible decorations include wrapping paper, balloons, magnets, garlands, post-it notes, etc. Please only use your locker space when decorating and, if you desire to attach anything to your locker, please use tape, not glue. Unacceptable designs and materials include pop culture, profanity/vulgar language, adhesive mounting strips, writing/paint on the locker surface, etc. 

Varsity vs. Faculty Volleyball Tournament

6:00-8:00 pm in the Gym

Please pickup your child(ren) immediately after the event.


Homecoming Dance

Saturday, September 23rd from 7:30-10:00 pm

While we love including our Middle School students in our Homecoming festivities throughout Homecoming Week, the Homecoming Dance is for Great Hearts Irving High School students only. 


Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at the front desk of the Beatrice Building or online September 4th-22nd.  Permission slips must be submitted along with the purchase of tickets.

Buy a Dance Ticket



Great Hearts Irving Upper School Gym

Dance Dress Code

Shoes To better preserve the gym floor, students will be required to wear socks, tennis shoes, or soft-soled shoes. No heels, black rubber, or hard-soled shoes will be permitted.

Gentlemen should wear dress slacks (no jeans or patched pocket pants), a dress shirt and tie.

Ladies should wear modest-length skirts or dresses (no shorter than two inches above the knee). Tops should not be strapless or bare the midriff. Hair should be styled appropriately for the occasion.

*Student out of dress code will be asked to wear a provided shawl or change at home and return.