Lower School Conferences

At its core, education is a partnership between parents and teachers. As our Family Handbook says, our teachers “are honored by the great trust that parents have placed in them. This trust between the parents and the school must be maintained by ongoing communication and mutual understanding.” One of the key methods we use to build trust and maintain open communication with you, our parents, is our annual conferences.

Lower School Conferences this year will be held on Monday, October 9 from 8am to 4:30pm. To make meeting with your child(ren)’s teachers as convenient as possible, all conferences will be held virtually. For security reasons, virtual meeting information will be communicated by teachers in their classroom newsletters.

Conference Sign Ups

Please sign up for a time to speak with your child(ren)’s teacher(s) over Zoom. To ensure that there are sufficient slots, conferences are limited to 15 minutes. If you find that you need more time, teachers will be more than happy to schedule a follow-up meeting at a later date.

Virtual meeting details will be communicated in the classroom newsletter. Please log on a few minutes before your scheduled time, and the teacher will let you in when he/she is ready for you. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher or Thomas.Beyer@greatheartstxschools.org.

KA Conferences (Ms. Ferrell and Ms. Kollipara)

KB Conferences (Ms. Shea and Ms. Flynn)

KC Conferences (Ms. Durning and Ms. Gudipudi)

KD Conferences (Ms. Zambrana and Ms. Hughes)

1A Conferences (Ms. Alarcon and Ms. Kelly)

1B Conferences (Ms. Doehner and Ms. REynolds)

1C Conferences (Ms. Moore and Ms. Caroul)

1D Conferences (Ms. Kenee and Ms. Bergez)

2A Conferences (Ms. Hollar and Mr. Beauvais)

Note for 2A families: Ms. Hollar will be hosting parent-teacher conferences on an alternate schedule for personal reasons. Thank you for your understanding.

2B Conferences (Ms. Gil and Ms. Lyons)

2C Conferences (Ms. Stearns and Ms. Dongaonkar)

2D Conferences (Ms. Giltner and Mr. McKnight)

3A Conferences (Mr. Sargeant and Ms. Ellison)

3B Conferences (Ms. Beauvais and Ms. Willis)

3C Conferences (Mr. Taylor and Ms. Radovan)

3D Conferences (Ms. Tedder and Mr. Muncy)

4A Conferences (Ms. Woodward and Ms. Topp)

4B Conferences (Ms. Welch and Mr. Hazelton)

4C Conferences (Ms. Parmenter and Mr. Urbanski)

4D Conferences (Mr. Spurgin and Ms. Klopping)

5A Conferences (Ms. Vaughan and Ms. Stevens)

5B Conferences (Ms. Gahan and Ms. Prather)

5C Conferences (Ms. Godinez and Ms. Cole)

5D Conferences (Mr. Mavrogeorge and Ms. Morey)

5E Conferences (Ms. Youngberg)

If you would like to schedule a conference with one of your child’s Specials teachers (Art, Latin, Music, P.E., or Chess) or one of our Academic Support teachers, please reach out to them directly to make an appointment:

Specials Teachers

Ms. Feltl (K-2nd Art)
Ms. Stariha (K-2nd Latin)
Ms. Aumen (K-2nd Music)
Coach Homann (K-2nd P.E.)
Ms. Forester (3rd-5th Art)
Mr. Mentz (3rd-5th Latin)
Ms. Bremer (3rd-5th Music)
Coach Katolik (3rd-5th P.E.)
Mr. Potts (K-5th Chess)

Academic Support Teachers

Ms. Buckingham (MTA Teacher)
Ms. de la Chapelle (Dyslexia Therapist and MTA Teacher)
Ms. McIntire (Reading Support)
Ms. Morey (Reading Support)

For any questions or concerns about Lower School Conferences, please reach out to Thomas.Beyer@greatheartstxschools.org.