Prom 2022

To Everything a Season

Saturday, April 30th at 6:30 PM

The Ballroom at Embassy Suites DFW North in Grapevine, TX


Tickets to this event cost $70 and include dinner, photos, and dancing.

Tickets will be available at the front desk (cash or check) or online (card only). If you wish to bring a date from outside GHI, you must submit a date permission slip (available here and at the front desk) prior to or when purchasing your tickets.


Students should be dressed to the nines for the event! The attire for Prom will be formal, black-tie optional. See the dress and suiting guides below for details.

Ladies’ Dress Guide. .Gentlemen’s Suiting Guide

Bringing a Date

The Promenade is also the one event of the year when students may invite a guest to be their date for the evening. It is socially acceptable to ask a date (or accept an invitation) and to come on one’s own or as a group of friends. Dates are permitted, not required. If a student wishes to bring a date, he or she may ask a Great Hearts Irving student in grade 10, 11, or 12. Alternately, students may bring a date from outside the academy, provided the guest is in grade 10-12 at another high school, or is 16-19 years old. To bring a date from outside Great Hearts Irving, the below permission form must be returned to the school prior to or when buying tickets.

Non-GHI Date Permisison Form

Reach out to with your questions as they arise.