At Great Hearts Irving, we believe that all children can learn artistic skills when taught. In addition to cultivating an understanding of basic musical theory and an appreciation for the great works in Western musical canon, choral performance is also a major focus of Music instruction.

Our students have worked diligently over the past year to master some of the most important songs from European and American history. We were disappointed that we were unable to host our annual Winter Concert this year, and it remains inadvisable for a Spring Concert to be held in person. We nevertheless wanted to celebrate our students’ achievement, so we are pleased to be able to provide families with a virtual Spring Concert they can experience in their own homes.

Our Music teachers Ms. Fougerousse and Mr. Beck have labored over the past weeks and months to produce recordings of students performing their pieces, to record themselves leading “sing-a-long” renditions of the songs students learned in class, and to put it all together into one musical video presentation. While it was impossible to include video of all our students, we were able to include some delightful recordings of poetry recitations from each grade level to accompany the songs.

How to Access the Virtual Spring Concert

To help ensure that the video is shared only within our own community, the video has been uploaded to YouTube as “unlisted.” That means that it is not accessible by search, and you can only access it if you have been provided the unique link. We will be sending this link to families via email in the coming days. We encourage all our families to gather around and watch together. Students should perform for their parents and siblings by singing along with the video!