Teacher Appreciation Week: May 3-7, 2021

The exceptional, classical liberal arts education we provide at Great Hearts Irving demands a lot of our teachers. Our teachers are always happy to give whatever of themselves they can in service to our scholars and our families, and it is our teachers’ spirit of generosity and humble service that we seek to acknowledge and express gratitude for during Teacher Appreciation Week.

This year, Great Hearts Irving’s Teacher Appreciation Week will run from May 3rd through 7th, coinciding with National Teacher Appreciation Week for the first time. If you’d like to assist our PSO in organizing Teacher Appreciation Week, please reach out to Amanda Nicholls and Eva Klassen.

Here’s how you can help shower our teachers with love and gratitude during Teacher Appreciation Week:

Teachers’ Favorite Things

Our amazing teachers have taken the time to fill out a survey with some of their favorite things to make it easier for families to express their gratitude.

Lower School Faculty Favorite Things

UpPER School Faculty Favorite Things

Daily Themes

Day 1, May 3rd: Something to Smell

Whether it’s flowers, a candle, or a bath bomb, for the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week, send something to school that will delight our teachers’ olfactory sense.

Day 2, May 4th: Something to Taste

On the second day, our teachers’ taste buds will thank you for a treat: bitter, sour, salty, or sweet.

Day 3, May 5th: Something to Read

We are a school that genuinely and deeply loves beautiful words, beautiful sentences, and, of course, beautiful books. Our teachers’ will always be grateful for a lovely addition to their personal library.

Day 4, May 6th: A Night Out

After a day of opening our scholars’ eyes to the perennial truths of Western Civilization, lovingly cultivating in them habits of virtuous action, and, perhaps most importantly, deepening their sense of wonder at all that is beautiful, it is always a blessing for our teachers’ when they don’t have to think about what to do for dinner. On the fourth day of Teacher Appreciation Week, we encourage you to send in gift cards our teachers can use to eat out or order in.

Day 5, May 7th: Shopping Spree

The generosity this incredible family community has shown all throughout Teacher Appreciation Week will culminate in your gift of a little bit of money for our teachers to spend on something for themselves. If you can, please send gift cards rather than cash.