7th Grade Texas History Celebration

Tuesday, November 15th
9-11:30 am

The celebration will include a costume contest, traditional Texan Cuisine, dancing (lessons included!), competitions, and a reenactment of the Battle of the Alamo as a dodgeball battle! Parents are also invited to join the celebration. Parents are welcome to attend!
For the costume contest, students can dress as a Native American, a Spanish Conquistador, an explorer, an Alamo defender, a Cowboy (or a horse, cow, or buffalo!), or a Pioneer. If students have other ideas outside of this list, they’re welcome to check the idea with Mrs. Foy, Mrs. Hicks, or Mr. Egusquiza!
To make this event a success we need your help! We need Texas-themed meat and vegetarian food contributions and supplies. Sign up below!

Contribute Food or Supplies