Upper School Carline

Carline Rules and Procedures

  • Everyone is expected to drive safely and show good manners to their fellow drivers at all times. We know that carline can be a stressful time of day; a smile and wave can go a long way toward helping everyone remain patient and kind.
  • Drivers must not use their cell phones while in carline. It is exceedingly dangerous.
  • Cars must always follow the painted carline routes. Do not cut across the parking lot to get through the line faster.
  • Help us be good neighbors by not cutting through the parking lots of private businesses near our schools. This interferes with  their operations and reflects poorly on Great Hearts Irving.
  • Please remain in your vehicle at all times. Getting out to help your child into the car or for any other reason is dangerous and holds up the line. Over time, your children will learn to get in the car on their own quickly. If possible, please position your child’s car seat on the side of the vehicle they will need to enter so that they don’t have to go around.
  • Our teachers and staff are present to ensure everything is running as safely and efficiently as possible. Thank you in advance for listening to and following their directions with a smile.
  • Please help your child to know the type and color of vehicle that will be picking them up and describe it to our teachers. They help us get them in the right cars by raising their hands high when they see their car in the pick up zone.
  • Please pull all the way forward in line. Closing the gap as much as possible between you and the car in front of you helps get as many cars as possible off the street and into our parking lot.
  • Drop Off: 7:30-7:55am
  • Full Day Pick Up: 3:35-4:00pm
  • Early-Release Friday Pick Up: 1:35-2:00pm

Upper School Carline Map

*Please remember that when exiting on Carbon Rd. not to make a U-turn in the adjacent neighborhood for your safety and out of respect for our neighbors.

Space permitting, Upper School students not picked up by 4:00pm on full days and 2:00pm on early-release Fridays may be sent to Homework Club. Parents will be charged $1 per minute for students who are picked up late and are not registered for Homework Club.

For questions about Homework Club, please contact the Campus Coordinator for Co-Curricular Programs, Shanda Stanley at Programs@GreatHeartsIrving.org.

Consider Carpooling

Every time families carpool it reduces the number of cars that have to go through carline. If you need help finding a family that lives nearby you might be able to carpool with, please reach out to ghiuspso@greatheartstxschools.org.