Upper School Clubs

Club Sessions

Fall Session: August 22 – October 31

Winter Session: November 28 – February 13

Spring Session: March 20 – May 15

Winter Club Registration

Winter Club registration runs from Thursday, November 10th through Thursday, November 17th at midnight. If a club does not meet the 5 person minimum requirement and a maximum number of members; if you register your scholar for a club that does not meet the minimum or has exceeded the maximum number of members, you will be given a choice between a refund and registering for another club.

**An error was sent in the Winter Clubs Announcement: Culinary Club will meet on Tuesdays (not Thursdays).

Winter Club Offerings

Art of the Essay Club

What is it to essay forth? It is that question that this club will focus on. Quite distinct from an academic paper, an essay is an attempt. It is writing “brave enough to risk collapse under the weight of its own vaulting ambitions.” While a few classical examples of the essay will be introduced—one can’t overlook Montaigne—most of this club’s readings will invite a further kind of reflection: what is it to write classically-informed essays for an everyday audience? If you’re the bold, adventuring sort, then this tour of dinners, friendships, and toads is just the thing for you.
Thursdays, 4-5 PM in room 233 A
Club Sponsor: Mr. Knerr
Grades: 8-12

Badminton Club

Students will meet and play badminton. They will work on learning and improving specific badminton skills. At the end of the winter club season, there will be a tournament.
Wednesday, 4-5 PM in Beatrice Courtyard
Club Sponsor: Mr. Jennings & Ms. Strull
Grades: 6-12

Chess Club

Students will play chess with one another, analyze strategies, and watch famous matches!
Mondays, 4:00-5:00 PM in room 150 A
Club Sponsor: Mr. Weyrens
Grades: 6-12

Computer Programming Club

A club for students interested in computer programming. For the Winter Session we will be learning and using JavaScript.
Tuesdays, 4-5 PM in Athena Computer Lab
Club Sponsor: Mr. Jennings & Mr. Simmons
Grades: 6-12

Culinary Club

Students will learn the fundamentals of the culinary arts, including but not limited to: hygiene, mise en place, preparation, simple recipes, and presentation.
Tuesdays, 4-5 PM in room 239 A
Club Sponsor: Ms. Strull
Grades: 6-12

The Euclideans

In the last clubs trimester, the Euclideans studied Book XI of Euclid’s Elements. Having a foundation in the elements of solid geometry, we now turn our attention towards a new text written in the Greek mathematical tradition: Apollonius’ Conics. The Euclideans will read Book 1 of the Conics in order to better understand the nature and properties of cones, conic surfaces, and lines. Such an exercise is a worthy marvel in itself. But Apollonius’ groundbreaking text also stands as a bridge between the Greek mathematical tradition and the development of modern mathematics and physics. Thus reading the Conics will also be a propaedeutic exercise for reading Newton’s Principia Mathematica in the Spring.
Fridays during lunch in room 202 B
Club Sponsor: Mr. Novey and Mr. Mooney
Grades: 10-12

Floral Design Club

Scholars will learn the historical purpose of florals, the meaning of different flowers, and how to design their own floral centerpiece.
Tuesdays, 4-5 PM in room 154 A
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Taylor
Grades: 6-12

Gallery and Arts Practicum

Students will assist in creating exhibitions of student work each semester, practicing curatorial and presentation skills. Students will learn about art and visual culture, write about artworks, and engage in critique. Some students will prepare artworks for competition, including regional VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event).
Thursdays, 4:00-5:15 PM in room 214 B
Club Sponsor: Ms. Frank
Grades: 8-12

The Inklings of Irving

At Oxford in the mid-20th century, a group of professors including J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis met regularly to share their creative writing projects. They called themselves “The Inklings”. J. R. R. Tolkien possessed one of the most creative and visionary minds of the 20th century, and there is no better model for young creators than this author of such beloved works as The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. Students in the Inklings of Irving will study the various manifestations of Tolkien’s creativity (stories, languages, alphabets, poetry, maps, drawings, etc.) and channel their inspiration into their own creative projects. This club is designed for lovers of Tolkien’s works and students interested in creative writing.
Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00 PM in room 237 A
Club Sponsor: Mr. Russell
Grades: 6-8

Irving Shakes (Drama Club)

A leisurely crash-course in being AWESOME. Each trimester will have a different focus. Trimester 1: the students will gain basic comfort with acting and Shakespearean language. Trimester 2: the students will play with monologues. Trimester 3: the students will prepare scenes and present them to the public!
Thursdays, 4-5 PM in room 121 B
Club Sponsor: Mr. Fojut and Ms. Henrichs
Grades: 8-12

Middle School Drama Club

A community for young artists who are interested in acting and creating. We will do improvisation games, physical and vocal warm ups, monologues, and scene work. Students might also have the opportunity to create their own material, should they so desire, or to adapt and perform stories.
Monday, 4-5 PM in room 113 B
Club Sponsor: Ms. Henrichs
Grades: 6-8

Nihongo Club (Japanese Club)

A club for students interested in the Japanese language and culture. Each meeting will take the form of an informal lesson centered around some relevant topic (Japanese holidays, customs, etc.). Students will also learn a little about the writing system and begin to learn kanji. Traditional Japanese literature and folklore may be discussed.
Mondays, 4:00-5:00 PM in room 106 B
Club Sponsor: Mr. Johnson
Grades: 6-12

Poetry Club

Students will read, write, discuss, memorize, recite, and in many other ways learn to love poetry!
Tuesdays, 4-5:00 PM in room 206 B
Club Sponsor: Mr. Simmons
Grades: 9-12

Speech and Debate Club

To provide students with the basics of speech and introduce them to debate. This will include analyzing and listening to some of the greatest speeches given. Introduction to debate will include the different styles and the purpose of each style. Scholars will end the winter session by choosing a topic and writing a case for and against, and participate in a mock LD debate.
Mondays, 4-5:00 PM in room 235 A
Club Sponsor: Mrs. Taylor
Grades: 6-12

Pick Up

All students attending clubs should be picked up at the Front Door promptly at 5:00pm. Students who are not picked up by 5:15pm will be sent to Homework Club and families will be charged for the time their student spends there. 

Further Questions?

For questions about Upper School clubs, please reach out to Dean Weyrens at jack.weyrens@greatheartsirving.org.